The Firm

Private Wealth Management

We are a private wealth management firm. Our clients are high net worth individuals and families who generally have at least $500,000 in liquid assets available for investment.

Small Company

We are a small company and our clients like it that way. They like the idea that they will be dealing with the same people year after year.

Fee Only

We are a fee only firm. We receive no commissions, hence have no interest in putting you into one investment rather than another.

Investment Plan

At the beginning of a relationship we meet with people to determine the overall purpose of an investment plan. It may be to pay for education, finance a business, prepare for retirement or plan an estate. It may be simply to preserve and grow the capital.


We discuss how much investment risk you are willing to live with.

Personal Finance

We regularly advise on issues of personal finance which have nothing to do with investment.

Tax/Financial Considerations

We don’t treat investment in isolation. Investment decisions must be integrated with tax considerations and the individual’s overall financial situation.

Sudden Wealth

We are familiar with the problems that come with what is now called “sudden wealth”. That means suddenly having a lot of money, usually from an inheritance, stock options or selling restricted stock.

Retirement Funds

We can assist in the transfer of retirement funds into an IRA and in the assumption of responsibility for managing that money.