Hands on Management

We do hands on management. We don’t send money out to third party managers and, except in special situations, we don’t invest in mutual funds. People hire us to do the management. If we put the money into funds then our clients would be paying twice as much in fees.

Research and Analysis

Our securities selection process is done the old fashioned way; we do research and analysis, then apply judgement. We don’t use mathematical formulas. They are based on past market performance. Formulas are great at predicting past market behavior.

Cut Losses

We cut losses. Losses are the most important determinant of a portfolio’s performance. The most common mistake investment professionals make is to hang on to stocks that are going the wrong way.

Security Types

Securities are divided into “aggressive” and “conservative”. Aggressive securities are more volatile in price but offer much more promise of gain. Conservative means stable and dependable, offering a reasonable return without a lot of risk.

Portfolio Construction

From a list of 60 to 80 securities that we regularly follow we can put together a portfolio that fits your risk tolerance and investment objectives.